Find The Best Birth Control Option For You

The debate goes on, particularly among the misinformed and uninformed, about what is the best available method of birth control. And by best, we’re not only referring to security factors. What are the pros and cons to each, factoring in pleasure as well, and what are the risks involved? In this article, from the pill to a vasectomy, NY men and women can rest assured that we’re going to clear the air so you and your partner can make a fully informed decision, allowing your sex lives to improve dramatically.

1. The Pill:
When taken responsibly at the same time every day, it is 99% effective against pregnancy. It can also be used to restore regularity to periods for women who have been experiencing problems. It does not, however, in any way prevent the transmission of diseases. So if you or your lover is going to have intercourse and rely on this form of birth control, be sure to have a brief discussion beforehand about getting tested. Other factors to consider: If the woman is not a particularly regimented person, this pill may not be the best option. Also, if the woman is above 35 years old and/or a smoker, she may not be able to take the pill. In these cases, she should speak to a doctor to learn about the best course of action.

2. The Mini-Pill:
This one is better for smokers. It is a safer option for women prone to side effects, specifically pertaining to blood clotting, among others. The biggest setback, even for those who don’t have any proclivity to side effects, is that it is extremely important to take them on time. If the woman is more than three hours outside of her routine, the pill is liable not to do its job.

3. Condoms:
For those with multiple sexual partners, condoms are the best way to stay safe from contracting sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, when worn correctly. The most effective material is latex. However, condoms are known to remove sensation to a certain degree, which has turned some people off of them. There is also the risk of the condom either falling off or breaking without either party realizing, in which case the likelihood of transmitting a disease or impregnating the woman become considerably higher.

4. Vasectomy:
Thanks to modern technology, this procedure is minimally invasive, requiring no scalpel or needle, and is over in less than half an hour. It’s 99.9 percent effective, and when it’s done, neither party will ever have to worry about it again, unless they decide to get a vasectomy reversal, which is also 100% doable. For couples, this is the best option, as it requires neither party to remember anything on a daily basis, and it is also the most effective form of birth control available. The only real setback is that it does not prevent STDs. But that’s why it is mostly recommended for men in monogamous relationships.

Want to learn more about the safety to pleasure ratio of birth control methods? Speak to your urology doctor to learn more about getting a vasectomy. NY urologist Harry Fisch has gained national notoriety for his masterfulness in this field. For more information, you can set up an appointment with Harry Fisch at (212) 879-0800.


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