How To Decide Whether A Second Vasectomy Is Worth It

The Build Up
Can you recall the day that you made the decision to turn that vasectomy around? Maybe it was a touching scene from a movie or television show. Maybe it was a heart to heart discussion with a friend or relative at a dinner party. Or maybe it was due to pressure from your wife or girlfriend. Whatever the case, you finally arrived at the conclusion that you were ready to make this happen, and so you went for it. You took some time to prepare yourself mentally for the fact that you quite likely would be devoting the next twenty some odd years of your life to the health and wellbeing of a son or daughter. Once you managed to wrap your head around that concept, you headed over to the doctor’s office. And after all of this build up, the surgery didn’t work.

The Let Down
That’s a tough piece of news to hear from your vasectomy reversal New York City doctor. Especially considering the fact that in all likelihood, the failure of the procedure was of no fault of your own, nor of your physician. Sometimes, life just deals you a less than fortunate hand.

What’s Next?
So now you’re at a crossroads and you’re looking for solutions. Eventually you arrive at the question as to whether or not you can just give it another go around. You ponder to yourself, is that an option, and more importantly, is it even worth it?

Why It’s Complicated
As much as you’d love a solid yes or no, the answer to your question just isn’t all that simple. It varies a lot on a case-by-case basis. For some men, vasectomy reversals just flat out do not work. For example, some men just don’t produce enough sperm to be able to realistically to expect to induce a pregnancy. There is also the possibility that a second vasectomy reversal wouldn’t work because the physician from the first time around committed some sort of error that creates more blockage stopping the sperm from flowing through the vas deferens. In order to rule out any concerns that a second try won’t work, you will have to speak to your doctor and undergo a few examines before any further planning takes place.

Ruling What Might’ve Happened
It’s important to keep in mind that figuring out what went wrong the first time around will take time. In all likelihood, you will be waiting over a year before your doctor can make an accurate determination as to what happened, why it happened, and whether or not it would happen again. Furthermore, this is also the amount of time your body will need in order to show any substantive results. In other words, the reversal might have even worked and just not shown it yet. In many cases, you body will not have build up enough sperm to impregnate a woman for up to 15 months.

When It’s Worth It
If your doctor does not find any reason to suggest that a second procedure would not work, then you should definitely go for it. A second vasectomy reversal has just about the same probability of success as the first, which is extremely high. For that reason, with the approval of your physician, it would absolutely be worth it. Want to learn more about how to get a vasectomy reversal from a doctor you can count on? Call 212-879-0800 to schedule an appointment with vasectomy reversal New York City doctor Harry Fisch.

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